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Burma (Myanmar)

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What to give a man



Kamchatka. The Karymskiy volcano and the Karymskoe lake  

Kamchatka. The Karymskoye lake. Photo from helicopter

Kamchatka: volcanoes, geysers and fishing. The Karymskiy volcano and the Karymskoe lake. The best beauty is From July to mid-September, but you can go in June.
Story, photos:  My Travel to Kamchatka
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Cleopatra, The Last Pharaoh
Cleopatra, The Last Queen of Egypt.
Was she really beauty?

Egypt: Cleopatra, "Queen of Kings", was the latest really independent Egyptian pharaoh. She become popular for her love adventures. Cleopatra is famed as the grand beauty and temptress. But Plutarch noted about her beauty: "... not as to impress". Cleopatra was appealing with her charm, intelligence and "sweetness tones of voice."

Real photos of Cleopatra do not exist. Famous Queen lived two thousand years ago (69 30 BC), when photography did not exist.  But we can see real face of Cleopatra on preserved coins with images of Queen. On  some coins Cleopatra looks pretty cute. On another coins we see the face of not a beauty woman.

Best Countries to Travel in March etc..Best Countries To Travel In March etc...
The Best Countries to Travel in Winter, in Spring, in Summer, in Autumn

Vacation Ideas: March is the final month for a fine holiday in Burma, without rains.  It is already hot, up to 38 (100ºF). Sea t is 29C, 84F. Burma. Article and Photos.
March and April are the best months for excursions in Jordan, for the rest and treatment at the the Dead Sea

Electric motorcycleCars and  motorcycles

Electric vehicles (EVs) were a hot topic at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21, in Paris this December. A parking lot full of COP21 branded Renault-Nissan EVs and bright green charging stations greeted delegates from around the world on their way in to the conference center at Le Bourget. Renault-Nissans electric car service allowed conference attendees to book an electric ride from the conference center to select hotels, helping many passionate environmentalists try the climate friendly technology.

Chinese medicine methods
Chinese medicine: acupuncture, Chinese massage, SPA ets. Photos

What to give a man?

Choosing a gift for a man is one of the areas where the differences in male and female psychology are most noticeable.
This difference is so immense that its often absolutely impossible to explain it to women. They outright refuse to believe that SUCH gifts can be given to anyone at all.
So lets see what sort of gifts women typically choose for their men and how they give them.


100 photographs that changed the world. Time

100 photographs that changed the world

The Dead Sea. Jordan. The Solt
Jordan. The Dead Sea

Burma (Myanmar). Shwe Dagon Pagoda

Burma (Myanmar). Shwe Dagon Pagoda. The 99 metres (325 ft) tall stupa in Rangoon

Altai: Places of Power and magical places. Shangri-la, Chang Shambhala

Asia. Russia. Travel to Altai: Mountains and Places of Power

Travel to Altai: Mountains and Places of Power