Best places to go in April for sun and warm weather
   Photo: the sea in Burma, Ngapali (the Bay of Bengal)


The Best Places to Travel in April for Warm Weather and Sun

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Where to go in April: Bali

The High Season is in March - September. Bali is the good place to travel in April for warm weather.

Caribbean: Enjoy the hot weather in the Caribbean.
Warm and sunny Caribbean is the best place to travel in April: the weather is fine, the bright sun, the blue skies and low rainfall make your vacation more enjoyable.

Beach holiday in April: Cuba
: The High Season. April and March are the best months to go to Cuba.
Sunny and warm Cuba is the best destination to visit in March: the weather is nice, the golden sun, the pleasant weather and low rain make your holiday pleasant and fun.

Dominican Republic: it is the excellent place to travel in April  for beach. The high season.
The water is warm year-round, the weather is sunny, avg t about 80F.
The first castle, monastery, cathedral and fortress in America were built in Dominican Republic.

Italy: April is the excellent month in Italy, the best time to visit Italy for warm weather and low rain
Iran: it is not hot, flowers are everywhere - it is very good time to go.

Vacation in April: Jordan, Petra
: this is the best month for excursions, for the rest and treatment at the Dead Sea coast. Dead Sea at the map

The Dead Sea. Jordan

The Dead Sea. Jordan. There is a lot of foam is on the waves: an incredible percentage of salt is in the water. Warm and sunny littoral of the Dead Sea is one of the best places to travel in April for rest with treatment. The out-and-outer solt in the sea water, the purest atmosphere, the warm sea and the out-and-outer climate at this great place have specific health effects. On the side, belle Cleopatra, the last Egyptian queen, had a chalet at the seaside of the salty Dead Sea. It is believed that this is the first ever spa salon at the Dead Sea.

Petra, a historical and archaeological city in southern Jordan
Petra, the Nabataeans city is famous for its rock-cut architecture. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.

Latin America

Panama: March and April: the most pleasant weather.
Mexico. High season, one of the driest months.

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