Best places to go in January for sun and warm weather
   Photo: the sea in Burma, Ngapali (the Bay of Bengal)

The Best Places to Travel in January for Warm Weather and Sun

 SE Asia: What country is hot in January?

Where to go in January: Burma (Myanmar) 
Burma (Myanmar)
. January is the best time to go in Burma, without rains and with sunny and warm weather everywhere.

Burma (Myanmar). Ngapaly. The sea. Asia, photos
Myanmar (Burma). Ngapaly. The sea - the Bay of Bengal.

 Buddha. Gold-plated statue. Bagan, Myanmar

Most of attractions in Burma are STUPAS and statues of Buddha. Stupa (pagoda) is a  cult structure (like the temple). But  nobody can enter inside of it: stupa has not interior. Stupas have a Buddhist relic is hooded inside of it. In the first stupas, the ash which remains after the cremation of the Buddha was hidden.

Where to go in December: Burma (Myanmar)
Shwedagon Stupa. Burma (Myanmar), Rangoon.

  Vietnam: South Vietnam is the good place for January sun
  Cambodia: January is one of the best months to go in Cambodia!
Thailand: January is very good month to travel in Thailand, with warm sunny weather and without rains. You can swim and sometimes go for trips.

James bond island, Thailand
James bond island, Thailand



Beach holiday in September: Cuba
: January is the high season.

  Dominican Republic: January is the high season.



It is a good time to travel to India, it is the high season. January is good time for a seaside vacation in Goa and for excursions all over India.
Hindu the Sex Temples. Many Photos
Khajuraho, India. Sex art. Photos

Khajuraho the Temples of Love. Khajuraho temples, India. That 20 Temples
20 Ancient Hindu and Jine Temples in Khajuraho
The walls of the Khajuraho temples are richly decorated with elaborately carved sculptures. Whilst Khajuraho temples are famous for their erotic sculptures, sexual themes make up less than 10% of the temples art. Then, most "porno" scene themes are balanced with the non- sex images. The wall arts cover numerous features of human life and values considered important in Hindu pantheon.

Best places to go for sun: India, Goa

Best places to go for warm weather and sun: India, Goa
Goa is one of the best destinations for warm weather and January sun




Where to go in January: Latin America
Latin America

  Maldives. The high season is in November - April, in these months the weather is sunny, dry and hot.
  Uganda: The high season begins in late December
  Bangladesh: January is the best time to visit the very interesting country Bangladesh.
Sunny and warm Bangladesh is the best destination to travel in January: the sun is bright, the nice weather and fresh warm air make your journey enjoyable.

January is the best time to visit Bangladesh

January is one of the best months to visit Bangladesh for warm weather and low rain

Bangladesh's climate is tropical with a hot, humid summer and a mild winter. The country has never recorded an air temperature below 0 C.

The annual Bengali New Year parade in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Mongol Shovajatra - one of the traditional culture of Bangladeshi during Bengali New Year festival
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