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Cleopatra, the Last Queen of Egypt. Photo 1



All Photos: Cleopatra,
the Last Queen of Egypt

Queen Cleopatra: computer 3D image
Queen Cleopatra: computer 3D image


Queen Cleopatra: computer photo 2
Queen Cleopatra:
computer image 2

Queen Cleopatra: computer photo 2a
Queen Cleopatra:
computer image 2a

Queen Cleopatra on the ring
Queen Cleopatra
on the ring

Queen Cleopatra: bust from Berlin
bust from Berlin

Cleopatra VII on coins (1)
Cleopatra VII
 on coins (1)

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We constructed this image by piecing together research collected by Egyptologist Sally Ann Ashton from Cambridge University. Our visual caught the attention of Europes press and featured in the Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Mirror. The Real Face of Cleopatra was produced for Atlantic Productions and featured in a documentary titled the Secrets of Egypt on Channel 5. Like our work?
Image Foundry www.imagefoundry.co.uk/projects/view/65

By the bye, the legendary beauty Cleopatra, pharaoh (queen) of Egypt, had a villa at the seaboard of the warm and salty Dead Sea. This place can be noted as the first real Spa salon at the Salt Sea (or Dead Sea).

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Cleopatra, koningin van Egypte. Foto's, afbeeldingen


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