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Dead Sea. The Salt. Jordan, photos

Dead Sea. The Salt. Jordan, photos
The Dead Sea is shrinking. The Salt. Jordan, photos

The Salt

It is evident that grows shallow sea: near the water salt deposits still quite clean.

The Dead Sea is shrinking. The Dead Sea is shrinking because nearly every source of water that feeds into this iconic tourist destination has been cut off, diverted or polluted over the last half century.

“This is a completely man-made disaster,” says Gidon Bromberg, the Israel director of Friends of the Earth Middle East, an international environmental group. “There is nothing natural about this.”

By 2025, the  Dead Sea is expected to be at 1,440 feet below sea level.

The shrinking of the Dead Sea has become an issue of grave concern for environmentalists, industries that produce Dead Sea-related products and tourism sector, which worries that the visitors who come here from all over the world will disappear along with the sea.

Warm coast of Dead Sea is one of the best destinations to travel for rest and treatment. Remarkable mineral content of the sea water, the very low content of allergens in the atmosphere and the superior climate at this one and only place have specific health effects.
Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, and Julius Caesar
Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, the last real Pharaoh. Photos

Among other things, belle Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt, built for herself a residencee at the littoral of the warm and salty Dead Sea. This place can be noted as the first spa salon at the Salt Sea (or Dead Sea).

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