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The sexual sculptures in Khajuraho. Photo 6 (11)

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 'Temple of Love'. The sexual sculptures on the walls. Khajuraho temples, India
"Temple of Love". The sexual sculptures on the walls

The sexual sculptures in Khajuraho: Mithuna sculpture

Himself the Purusha divided into two. So were born man and wife. He united himself to her."

The scriptures command that such carvings should only be presented on the walls of mandirs and not on the houses of men. This is because men (and women) indulge in mithuna to satisfy sexual desires, ignoring the true purpose of life, Moksha - or final release.

Sex is the most enjoyable relationship. The goal of sex is the realization of the sacredness of love.

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The joy of human sexual union raised to the nth degree is regarded as attainment of union with divine.
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Since sexual union is the affirmation of the ideal relationship between human and divine, physical enjoyment is the concrete form of the spiritual enjoyment. Sringara (sexual enjoyment) is the aesthetic experience of the basic emotion of love. The ineffable ecstacy of the union of man and woman finds expression in terms of sexual experience. The mithuna sculpture on the temples is an expression of this ideal.

The body is the physical manifestation of the inner life. Mithuna sculpture on temples is, therefore, an outer manifestation of man's inward aesthetic pleasure. There are sixty four arts of love-making as enunciated by Vatsayana in Kama Sutra. These arts are essential for fulfilling three aims of life, viz., Kama, Artha and Dharma.

The art of love and sex is an important branch of human knowledge. Sexual enjoyment constitutes fulfillment of Dharma. Human love is analogous to spiritual passion. The sexual embrace of man and woman gives the same pleasure what mystical experience of the soul gives in the embrace of God.

Mithuna sculpture, an expression in stone of the love play is therefore not profane but a glory of human achievement.

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India. Khajuraho Temples

India is world-famous for the sex sculptures that decorate the exterior and interior walls of the Khajuraho temples. There are disputes among scholars whether these visualizations of various sexual behaviors stand for tantric sexual practices or are they representations of Kama as an essential part of the cultural tradition. It is not certain whether these sculptures represent humans or gods, everyday or mythical scenes. Whatever they stand for, these sculptures bring the orgy-like scenes and various sexual positions, celebrating the sex freedom as a necessary part of the human life.
The Khajuraho temples are richly decorated with intricately carved sculptures. Although temples of Khajuraho are renowned for their sexual sculptures, sexual themes make up less than 10% of the temples walls art. Further, most sex scene panels are balanced with the non- sexual images. The art themes cover numerous sides of human life and values are important in Hindu pantheon.


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