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The Sex Temples of Khajuraho. India. Photo 17 (22)

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The Sex Temples
of Khajuraho

The Khajuraho Temples, India. Sex sculpture 7
Sex sculpture 7

The Khajuraho temples are luxuriantly decorated with art carved sculptures. Although temples of Khajuraho are famed for their sex art, sexual themes occupy less than 10% of the temples walls art. In addition, most erotic scene panels are balanced with the non- sexual scene panels. The topics of wall arts cover numerous sides of human life and values are major in Hindu pantheon.

Khajuraho Souvenir. Temples of Khajuraho, India
Khajuraho Souvenir


Khajuraho the Temples of Love. Khajuraho temples, India
Khajuraho "the Temples of Love"

About 20 temples have survived. Khajuraho temples, India
About 20 temples have survived

There are Hindu and Jain temples. Khajuraho temples, India
There are Hindu and Jain temples

Sexual and erotic sculpture, Photo 2. Khajuraho temples, India
Sexual sculpture

Sexual art, Photo 3
Sexual and erotic art

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Sex sculpture 1. Temples of Khajuraho, India
Sex sculpture 1

Sex sculpture 2
Sexual sculpture 2

Sculpture 3
Sex bas-relief 3

Erotic, Photo 1
Erotic sculpture

There arts cover numerous aspects of human life
Usual life of Hindus

Sex sculpture 4. Temples of Khajuraho, India
Sex sculpture 4


Sex sculpture 5. India
Erotic sculpture 5

Sculpture 6.Khajuraho, India
Erotic art 6

Sculpture 7
Sex art 7

Khajuraho Souvenir

The art at the temple's walls. Khajuraho temples, India
The art at the temple's walls

The erotic sculptures
The erotic sculptures

'Temple of Love'. The sexual sculptures on the walls
The wall of Temple
The sexual art

There are thousands art works. Khajuraho, India
There are thousands art works

Kandariya Mahadeva temple. Khajuraho temples, India
Kandariya Mahadeva

Kandariya Mahadeva temple. India
Fragment of Kandariya
Mahadeva temple
Two dogs
Two dogs

The Shikara ceiling. Khajuraho temples, India
The Shikara ceiling

Khajuraho sculpture

While "Temples of Love" are famous for their erotic sculpture,  over 90% of the art work at the temple is about daily life and symbolic values in ancient Indian culture.