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The "Temples of Love" of Khajuraho. Photos

The "Sex Temples"
of Khajuraho

Khajuraho is a small town situated in India, in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Khajuraho is well known for its ancient temples and erotic sculpture. The Khajuraho Group of Monuments - "Temples of Love" - are the major attraction of Khajuraho, and attracts the tourists from all over the world. Sculpturers were known by the name of “Shilp-shastri”, which means one who does sculpture art. There are certain temples, where you can see the interesting and beautiful stonework.


There arts cover numerous aspects of human life
Usual life of Hindus

Two dogs
Two dogs

Kandariya Mahadeva temple. India
Fragment of Kandariya
Mahadeva temple

There are thousands art works. Khajuraho, India
Thousands art works

The Shikara ceiling. Khajuraho temples, India
The Shikara ceiling

"The apogee of erotic art" - writes James McConnachie about these Temples (History of Kamasutra)

The Khajuraho Churches gained popularity for the sex sculpture, but 90% of the sculptures show usual life of people. Nevertheless, these temples are known exactly as "Temples of Love".
While most religious schools abhor sex and hold it as a degrading act for human soul, Tantra says that sexual energy, if channelized according to the methods mentioned in Tantric canons, can unite the tantra-practitioner with the supreme being (Shiva).
Sculptures at Khajuraho are a bold and honest description of this concept. They showcase the gradual transcendence of human sexual energy. The outer walls are full of sexual allegory. Humans are depicted indulging in carnal pleasure in every variation that can be conceptualized by human brain.
Gajendra Sikarwar, Spiritual Writer, History buff and an Engineer. Living in India.   quora.com

The Khajuraho Temples have several thousand sculptures and art works. Some 10% of these iconographic carvings contain sexual themes and various sexual poses. A common misconception is that, since the old structures with carvings in Khajuraho are temples, the carvings depict sex between deities; however the kama arts represent diverse sexual expressions of different human beings.
There is iconographic symbolism embedded in the arts displayed in Khajuraho temples. Core Hindu values are expressed in multitude of ways. Even the Kama scenes, when seen in combination of sculptures that precede and follow, depict the spiritual themes such as moksha. In the words of Stella Kramrisch,

This state which is “like a man and woman in close embrace” is a symbol of moksa, final release or reunion of two principles, the essence (Purusha) and the nature (Prakriti).
— Stella Kramrisch, 1976

The walls of the temples of Khajuraho are luxuriantly decorated with art carved sculptures. Although temples of Khajuraho are famed for their "Kamasutra" art, sexual themes make up less than 10% of the temples art. Nay, most "porno" scene themes are in balance with the non- sexual arts. The topics of wall sculpture art cover numerous details of human life and values are important in Hindu pantheon.

P.S. Someone writes ""Khajuharo". Of course, ""Khajuharo" is wrong, correctly to write "Khajuraho".