Best places to go in March for vacation
   Photo: the sea in Burma, Ngapali (the Bay of Bengal)


March vacation ideas:
Hot vacation destinations In Spring

Antarctica! Huh?

Where to go in March: Bali
High season in Baly is March - September. T: 25 - 32C, it's raining, only sometimes.
Key Event in Bali in March is "Day of Silence" - Nyepi, a Hindu celebration commemorated in Saka New Year. In 2017 according to Balinese calendar the Saka New Year is on March 28.

Ogoh-ogoh being paraded in Ngrupuk or the Bhuta Yajna Ritual, also called "Day of Silence" - Nyepi

Travel In Asia, Russia:
Winter Kamchatka, adventure tour: wild nature, snow and volcanoesAdventure Tour To Winter Kamchatka: snow and volcanoes
Hot springs, volcanoes, snowmobiling, snowboarding, skiing. Dog sledding - exotic! 8 days.
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Photos and story: Kamchatka: story about my Journey

SE Asia: The Best Destinations In March
The latest month for holiday in dried season. It may be hot.

 Myanmar (Burma)

Where to go in March: Burma (Myanmar)

Sunny and warm Myanmar (Burma) is the good place to visit in March: the weather is fine, the golden sun, the blue skies and low rain make your vacation pleasant and fun.
March is the final month for a fine holiday in Burma, without rains.  It is already hot, up to 38 (100ºF). Sea temperature  (Kyaikkami): 29C, 84F
Myanmar. Article and Photos

Myanmar (Burma), Caves
Burma. 8000 Buddhas Caves

Burma (Myanmar), Rangoon. Stupas
Burma (Myanmar), Rangoon. Stupas

Burma (Myanmar). Ngapaly. The sea. Asia, photos
Myanmar. Ngapaly, the Bay of Bengal. The beach. March is the good time to visit Burma for hot weather and low rain

Where to go in March: Cambodia, Angkor Wat Cambodia
Hot but interesting
Where to go in March: Laos, the Mekong River Laos. In March season ends and becomes hot
Thailand: getting hot, to 38C, but weahter is dry .
Vietnam You can visit some interesting festivals there in January - March, inclusive Tet festival.
March - May and September - November are the two recommended periods to visit Sapa if you want a more laid-back natural and rejuvenating holiday.

Vietnam. Sapa

In 2017, at all resorts will be much less Russian than usual: the crisis, the dollar is expensive and not many Russian people can afford holidays abroad.
Bhutan: It is semiclosed mountainous country in the Himalayas. Spring  is the best season in Bhutan.
Canary Islands: air t is 24C, water is 21C in March.

The Atlantic ocean
The Atlantic ocean

Palm trees
Palm trees


Colorful carnivals like in Brazil are at Tenerife Island in March.
China:  Relax at the beaches of the tropical island Hainan will be a felicitous finality of the excursion tour in China. It is the fine weather at the Hainan island in March.
Where to go in March: China
China, the Hainan Island. The Anantara Haytan Hotel area

China, Hainan island. The centre of Buddhism
The Hainan island, China. The centre of Buddhism
Chinese medicine: acupuncture
Chinese medicine: acupuncture.
Doctor Zhen, Chinese medicine center Tai Chi, Hainan Island
China, the Hainan island, one of the best places to visit on vacation in March.  The weather is dry, warm and sunny.  You can swim, go for trips and you can try the Chinese medicine! Traditional Chinese medicine will improve your health and even help you lose weight.

Where to go in March: Cuba
: March is one of the best months to visit Cuba. It is the high season. The weather is warm and sunny, reaching a comfortable maximum of 28 ºC.

Dominican Republic: March is the high season
 The weather is sunny, the water is warm. It is the good destination for March sun.
Avg t highs 80F year-round, the weather in the island is always good.

Where to go in March: EgyptEgypt.  The spring is right time for trips. The water in Red Sea is 22 . Seaside holiday will be better in the South Egypt - in Safaga or in neighboring Hurgada: the weather and the water are warm. In early March, the strong winds can spoil the holiday.
Cleopatra. Photos, images, biography of the Queen


There are Hindu and Jain temples. Khajuraho temples, India. The 'sex temples' attracts the tourists from all over the world
Khajuraho "the Temples of Love". There are Hindu and Jain temples.
The "sex temples" attracts the tourists from all over the world. Many Photos of The Sex Temples in Khajuraho. 18+

The walls of the Khajuraho temples are richly decorated with intricately carved sculptures. Whereas temples of Khajuraho are illustrious for their sexual art, sexual themes cover less than 10% of the temples walls sculpture. Then, most sex scene panels are in balance with the non- sexual arts. The images are covering numerous features of human life and values are major in Hindu pantheon.
Khajuraho Temple Sex sculpture. Photos. 18+

It is the high season, March is good time to travel to India. It is good time for interesting excursions all over India. And you can go at the seaside of Goa. But hot season is begining, the temperature sometimes is 40C. March in India is the final month of the tourist and beach seasons.

India. Goa
India. Goa

Italy: March is not very good month for travel outdoors because of it's raining, but not often. But it is the good time for excursions. Spring is the very beautiful season in Italy, especially good time is at the late March.

Where to go in March: Jordan, Petra
Dead Sea: the high season starts in March..
Dead Sea, the map

Dead Sea in Winter, Photo: The Sun, Palm Trees. Jordan
Dead Sea in Jordan. There are all for the rest and treatment: the unique spa treatments, healing mud, salt and the sea water. Warm and sunny littoral of the Dead Sea is the best destination to travel for rest with treatment. Remarkable mineral content of the sea water, the purest atmosphere, the warm sea and the admirable climate at this great place have specific health effects. Among other things, Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, had a cottage with Spa at the coast of the Salt Sea (now it is commonly called the Dead Sea). And it was the first in the world Spa Dead Sea.

Petra, a historical and archaeological city in southern Jordan
Petra, the Nabataeans city is famous for its rock-cut architecture. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.

Latin America:
Chile, Guatemala, Haiti, Venezuela, etc.

Brazil: It is interesting to visit Brazil if the Carnaval is in March.

Panama: March and April see the most pleasant weather
Warm and sunny Panama is the best destination to travel in March: the weather is nice, the bright sun, the pleasant weather and low rainfall make your holiday more enjoyable.
Lebanon: trips.
Maldives. The best months: November - April, when it is dry, hot and sunny.

Where to go in March: Morocco


Mexico.  High season, one of the driest months.

Nepal, KathmandyNepal - The monsoon rains. March is alright to go over Himalayas in Tibet.
Himalaya: Nepal, India. Photos   
Interactive Map of Himalaya >>

Where to go in March: Latin America
 You can travel year-round. (The main season - May-October)

Where to go in March: SyriaSyria:  the superb season!

South Africa
Tanzania The season in National Parks is year-round.
Vacation in Africa:
Safari in Tanzania + relax at Zanzibar beaches?

Where to go in March: TibetTibet: Winters is November - March.

But  !Attention!  Oxygen % in Tibet is 70% of norm!

Check the health before holiday. Acclimate in Lhasa before going higher.


Asia. Photos

Burma (Myanmar). Shwe Dagon Pagoda

Burma (Myanmar). Shwe Dagon Pagoda. The 99 metres (325 ft) tall stupa in Rangoon

Asia. India. Khajuraho Sex Temples

Khajuraho Sex Temple. India

EV in Asia

EVs would be accessible to all

Cleopatra, The Last Pharaoh

The Last Queen of Egypt.
Was she really beauty?

Altai: Places of Power and magical places. Shangri-la, Chang Shambhala

Vietnam Weather in March

Vietnam Weather in March


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