Best places to go in May for vacation
   Photo: the sea in Burma, Ngapali (the Bay of Bengal)


Vacation Ideas In May:
The Best Countries To Travel In May

Where to go in May: Bali

it is the good place to go in May for beach. The High Season is in March - September.

Russian Asia:

Moscow to Vladivostok: tour by scheduled trains
Grand Trans-Siberian railway: travel by scheduled trains

Grand Trans-Siberian railway: travel by scheduled trains

Story: My Travel to Altai, Russia: Mountains, Places of PowerRussian Asia:
Story: My Travel to Altai: Places of Power, Mountains
Altai: Places of Power and magical places. Shangri-la, Chang Shambhala
Tours to Altai and Sayans and other Tours to Russia >>

SE Asia:
Vietnam (North)   March - May and September - November are the two recommended periods to visit Sapa if you want a more laid-back natural and rejuvenating holiday.

Vietnam. Sapa

Vietnam. Ha Long Bay. The ships
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. The ships

Ha Long Bay (Vietnamese: Vịnh Hạ Long, "descending dragon bay") is a popular travel destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The bay consists of a dense cluster of some 1,600 limestone monolithic islands each topped with thick jungle vegetation, rising spectacularly from the ocean.
May is  the best month to visit Ha Long Bay. Temperatures is rising in May with the chance of rain although dry days are still prevalent (avg temp is 28-29 °C).

In 2017, at all resorts will be much less Russian than usual: the crisis in Russia, the dollar is expensive and not many people can afford holidays abroad.

Bulgaria: start of the season.  It is a good place to visit in May for sun.
Bhutan: Spring  is  the best season to visit this semiclosed Himalayan country.
Where to go on vacation in June: CanaryCanary Islands: you can admire the volcanoes and islands. The weather is warm and sunny. Atlantic ocean is breezy, but people swim.
Where to go on holiday in May: China
good time for excursions

Crimea: the water in the Black Sea is not warm, but you can sunbathe and go to excursions, good time for travelers
Croatia: start of the season.

Beach holiday in May: CubaCuba: The tourist season, despite that May marks the beginning of the wet season. During the month, temperatures on the island rise to an average daily maximum of 30.2 ºC and it is the sunniest month in Cuba.
Sunny Cuba is one of the best places to visit in May: the pleasant weather, the golden sun, the blue skies with low rain make your vacation fun.

Czech Republic: good time to travel around the country: castles, cathedrals, Golden Prague, beer ... You can relax at the spa town of Karlovy Vary.
Cyprus in May - the beginning of the tourist season.
Dominican Republic: It's raining sometimes, but the water is warm year-round, the weather is sunny, avg t° about 80°F. May though is one of the wettest months on the Dominican Republic. The rains tend to fall as thundery showers in the evening so are easy to avoid.

Germany: excursions.

Greece: start of the season

Where is the high season in May: EgyptEgypt in May: it is considered high season. 2017: There are not Russian tourists!
Cleopatra VII, Pharaoh. Photos, biography

France: spring is good season to go on trips. In the South you can swim, although the water is not very warm in May.

India, Tadj MahalIndia: Northern India - Kashmir, Ladakh, Kullu Valley.
Khajuraho Sex sculpture. Photos
Khajuraho Sex Temples. All Photos

Italy: May is the excellent month in Italy.
Iran. The Kish Island -  - the best place for Muslims who want to relax by the sea coast. May is the good time to visit the Kish Island for warm weather and low rain
Iran. The Kish Island
Vacation in May: Jordan, Petra
: this is a suitable month for the rest and treatment at the Dead Sea coast.
The Dead Sea was one of the world's first health resorts. People also use the salt and the minerals from the Dead Sea to create cosmetics.
Dead Sea, essay and photos    Dead Sea at the map

The Dead Sea. Jordan
The Dead Sea. Jordan. There is a lot of foam is on the waves: an incredible percentage of salt is in the water.
Warm and sunny shore of the Dead Sea is the best destination to travel for rest with treatment. The unique mineral content of the water, the purest atmosphere, the warm sea and the superior climate of the Dead Sea have perfect health effects.
On the side, Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt, had a cottage with Spa at the seaboard of the Salt Sea (now it is commonly called the Dead Sea). This place can be noted as the first Spa on the Dead Sea map.

Latvia: Riga - walks in the old town and sunbathing in Jurmala. The sea is cold.



Latin America
Maldives. (The highest pick of the rainy season is June - August)

Where to go in spring: Morocco



North Korea.
North Pakistan
Poland: it is good time for excursions, until it is not hot.
Holiday in spring: Latin America
: The high season is in May - October, but it is good to travel year-round.

South Korea.
: spring is very beautiful in Sochi. The sea is not very warm, the water temperature is between 15 ° in early May to 21 ° at the end of the month.

Vacation ideas in spring: Syria
  spring is the superb season to travel in Syria...  ((

South Africa: Beache holiday and hiking are good all year round.
Tanzania is famous travel destination. You can visit National Parks year-round.
What about Africa holiday:
Safari in Tanzania + Zanzibar's beach holiday?

Vacation idea: TibetTibet: It is good time to go.

Attention!  Oxygen level is 70% of norm in Tibet!

Check your health before travel. Acclimate in Lhasa afore you go higher.

Tunisia: The season begin in May and June.
Turkey: the beginning of the season.

UAE: The last month of the season.

Asia. Photos

Burma (Myanmar). Shwe Dagon Pagoda

Burma (Myanmar). Shwe Dagon Pagoda. The 99 metres (325 ft) tall stupa in Rangoon

Asia. India. Khajuraho Sex Temples

Khajuraho Sex Temple. India

EV in Asia

EVs would be accessible to all

Cleopatra, The Last Pharaoh

The Last Queen of Egypt.
Was she really beauty?

Altai: Places of Power and magical places. Shangri-la, Chang Shambhala

Vietnam Weather in May

Vietnam Weather in May

Où partir en février?
Où partir en mars?
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